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Welcome home. I am Malini Gowrishankar, with over a decade of experience, providing voice-over services in Tamil and English (Indian). I also write, translate, coordinate projects, direct/train other VO artists. Let’s collaborate! 


TV Commercial – English – Announcer voice in the end

Explainer Video  – Tamil Bank Malaysia

Short Film – English – Voice of Female Protagonist

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TV Commercial – Tamil – Crizal Lens

Movie Trailer – Kannada – The only voice in the trailer

Nursery Rhyme – Tamil – singing voice

About me

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My career graph is quite strange 🙂 My experience spans multiple industries – 7 years in IT industry, over a decade in voice-overs and 7 years in travel. My very first voice-over stint was when I was in my teens, reciting my Tamil poetry in Youth Programme, All-India-Radio, Chennai. Years later, in 2006, I started lending my voice to cartoon characters for educational CD-ROMs, as a paying hobby. I took up to voice-overs full time in 2011 and from then on, I have lent my voice for a variety of projects – Radio Ads, TVCs, Short Films, Movie Trailers, Virtual Assistant, Audio Guide, E-learning projects, Rhymes, Explainer Videos, Corporate VO and more. During this period, I also worked (as a freelance consultant) as a Tamil Radio Jockey for 1.5 years with TimbreMedia (Worldspace Radio). 


As a Creative Writer, I have penned kids’ content (original rhymes and stories), song lyrics, corporate video scripts, radio ad scripts etc. I have donned multiple hats in certain projects –  as an English script writer + Tamil Translator + VO Artist (English+Tamil). As a project coordinator, I have experience coordinating a few localization projects, including a virtual assistant (ML)  project. 


As a Voice Trainer, I have conducted 20+ ‘Voice-Over 101’ workshops so far, sharing my VO learnings with a little over 200 people. I have helped upcoming VO artists put together their showreel / portfolio. 


I am always up for a new challenge that promises a lot of learning and fun. If you have one, let me know!

I lend my voice to

Telephone IVR

Radio / TV Ads

Virtual Assistant


Audio Guides


Explainer Videos

Corporate AV

These are things that I have done so far. If you have some other interesting VO project that we can collaborate on, please indulge me!

Why work with me?


Strong work ethics and personal integrity - I don't commit if I can't deliver.


Experienced translator, writer, lyricist, project/VO coordinator, VO Coach with a good network to tap into

Home studio SETUP

This means fast and timely delivery and reduced studio costs.


Versatile portfolio, ranging from e-learning to feature films


  • Malini is a super talented Voice Over artiste who has made her forte in both radio and television commercials. She carries her clear voice and precise diction with grace and charm adding to the mix. I had the privilege of working with her for several years and I can personally vouch for her talent and professionalism!​

    Jyoti Venkataraman​

    Voice-Over Coordinator
  • If you’re looking for an ‘enormously’… talented, driven, knowledgeable, articulate, multi-faceted, extremely well networked individual, an amazing colleague to work with and an absolute charmer, then Malini is who you are looking for ! She’s a ‘Power House’ packed in a slender casing. ‘Happy to work with her anytime !

    Zia Ahmed

    Voice-Actor/Script Producer/Translator
  • Malini is a such a vivacious person who keeps you on the toes through out the workshop. If somebody really wants to be voice over artist, trust me this workshop has everything to offer to get started including a practice session. Its a must attend workshop, before registering I did not expect this much information to come my way. ​

    Pallavi Chouksey

    VO Workshop Attendee
  • Really enjoyed this informative and energy packed workshop. Malini Gowrishankar is not only extremely talented, but has an adept teacher’s knack to bring out the best in each student. Being a theater actor, I have come to admire and respect Voice artists and the skills involved. THANK YOU!

    Rujuta Narweker

    Theater Actor
  • Very cooperating voiceover artist – was pleasure working with her.

    Ebenezer Kingslin

    VO Coordinator, Valuepoint Knowledgeworks
  • The workshop was fun and insightful. It’s rare to find artists who truly want to help out the newbies. Malini came across as a warm and genuine person and artist.

    Uma C

    VO Workshop Attendee

Some questions that my clients ask me

Which languages do you record in?

I record in Tamil and English.  While I have recorded in other languages such as Hindi, Kannada and Telugu, I avoid that as I am not a native speaker of any of those languages.

Do you record only in Bangalore?

Yes. However, I do quite a bit of national and international work – I take the project, finish the same in Bangalore and send it back. Based on whether it is broadcast or non-broadcast content, I record either in my home studio or at a nearby professional studio. I can travel if the project demands it, with ample notice.

Do you do voice coordination?

I have been a voice coordinator in many projects for which I have lent my voice.  I have also been a coordinator for certain projects where my voice was not used. I am game for it if the project demands it. 

What setup do you have at home?

RODE NT1 A / Shure SM 58 mics, M Audio Fastrack audio interface, Samson/RODE Pop Filter, Audacity, Wooden / Foam Panels on walls to reduce reverb/echo.

Can you record now? I will pay you a month later.

With regular clients, I do that. If we haven’t worked together before, I usually insist on part-payment of an advance before I record. 

Will you be able to give references of other
language artists?

Yes, I do have a good network and can refer people. Besides, I also know through my voice workshop, several promising, upcoming artists who are interested in voice-overs. I can refer them too for your requirements.

What other services do you provide?

Creative Writing – Ad scripts, song lyrics, corporate documents, explainer video scripts, museum audioguides, kids’ content etc. Translation (English/Tamil and viceversa, Hindi/Tamil), Project Coordination, Voice Direction, Voice Training.

VO 101 Workshop

18 live in-person workshops, 5 online workshops, 230+ people trained so far.

I cover fundamentals of voicing – modulation, intonation, pitching, tempo etc., voice-overs vs voice-acting vs dubbing, introduction to equipment, basic steps to setting up a home studio, exploring VO as career option/hobby, finding gigs, finding your niche and more.

In the 6 hours online format spread across two days, in addition to the above, I make participants practise and record samples on their phones and give them individual feedback.

You can register for the upcoming workshop here.

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